Within the uk online casino industry table games are an invaluable and necessary part of its success. Walking into a land-based casino automatically makes one look for those green covered tables with crowds standing around it, chips and cards on the table creating a thrilling and electric atmosphere that is so symbolic of casinos worldwide. Now these table games are available online and while the atmosphere is impossible to replicate, the online gaming experience is no less exciting. One table game in particular that is quite difficult to duplicate, as a casino online games, in terms of atmosphere is craps.

In real-live casinos craps will usually have a crowd of cheering spectators, which in the world of virtual reality is not something that can be experienced. In addition, craps is one of the lesser-known table games mainly because many perceive it to be quite complicated. The complication only comes from the intricate betting system that is in place, which once understood, becomes a lot easier to get to grips with. To help you understand the basics of this casino online game, some of the more important terms used in the game are outlined below.

Pass Line Bet refers to the initial bet placed in craps. In order to win the pass line bet a roll of 7 or 11 needs to be generated, if 2, 3, or 12 has been rolled instead then the pas line bet has been lost. If any other number is rolled this becomes the point, which when rolled again means the pass line bet has also been won. If the number 7 is rolled just before the point is rolled a second time, the bet is lost. Come-Out Roll refers to the first roll of the game before the point has been established. The Shooter refers the player who is rolling the dice. This shooter will continue rolling until they make a point or roll a seven. Don’t Pass Line Bet is simply the direct opposite of a Pass Line Bet, which is a bet aimed at the Shooter for him or her to loose.

There are many other terms used within this casino online game, but these cover the most prominent ones. Once you understand the terminology and how the betting system works, you will soon realize how much fun craps can be, whether played in a land-based casino or online.